IIT meets China

Graphene Labs was in China to attend GrapChina, an important event dedicated to 2D materials. Chinese researchers and investors asked about our activities and institute (IIT). So thanks to Haiyan Sun, a post doc researcher at Graphene Labs, we want to provide some info in Chinese language: what is IIT, graphene research lines and our start-up BeDimensional.


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Graphene Labs at the Tallinn Digital Summit on 29 September 2017

Graphene Labs took part in the Tallin Digital Summit, important event gathering Heads of State and Government to discuss trends and technologies likely to lead the digital innovation of Europe in the next ten years.

The key role that graphene and related materials can play in Europe's path to global digital leadership has been showcased in the Graphene Flagship Exhibition Area with a selection of interactive demonstrators and prototypes covering the application areas of sensors and the Internet of things, devices for the digital world, society and healthcare, energy and solar cells, and composites.

Within this latter category, IIT Graphene Labs exhibited the graphene-coated motorcycle helmet produced in collaboration with MomoDesign, concrete example of technology transfer from laboratory to everyday life products.

NEST Prize 2016 to Antonio Politano, post-doc at Graphene Labs

Antonio Politano is the winner of the NEST Prize 2016 for research in nanoscience with his article “Photothermal Membrane Distillation for Seawater Desalination", published in November 2016 in the journal 'Advanced Materials'. The work combines together nanomaterials, plasmonics and membrane engineering, in order to obtain a new solution for water treatment. Politano introduced silver nanoparticles in polymeric matrixes, obtaining thermoplasmonic effects which can boost the performance of the membrane operating under vacuum. This work provides a promising solution to produce drinkable water in a technologically reliable and economically sustainable way.

Antonio got his PhD in Physics in 2008. After experiences at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Università degli Studi della Calabria, since June 2017 he joined Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia as a post doc in the Graphene Labs.

“Graphene Experience" at Mobile World Congress 2017

Graphene labs were at MWC 2017 within the Graphene Experience ZoneGraphene Experience Zone, created by the FET Flagship project Graphene and curated by ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. IIT displayed the graphene motorcycle helmet made in collaboration with MomoDesign, the supercapacitor designed with Thales, and the electrodes of prosthetic robotic hand created by joint research with the Italian governmental workers’ compensation agency (INAIL). In the Graphene Experience Zone there were 20 new prototypes for the future technological innovation in electronics and communications, leisure time and health

IIT-MomoDesign Motorbike Helmet at Composite Europe 2016

The first graphene motorbike helmet ever made, produced thanks to the collaboration between Graphene Labs and MomoDesign, was at Composites Europe 2016 in Düsseldorf, Nov 29 until Dec 1, under the umbrella FET Graphene Flagship, together with products and prototype made by other European partners: antennas (CNR, Italy), graphene additives for industrial-scale resins (Avanzare Innovacion Technologica, Spagna), and Prospero, the first model aircraft to incorporate a graphene skinned wing (Universities of Manchester, Central Lancashire, Haydale Composite Solutions, UK)

Graphene Labs welcome Emanuele Lago

Foto Emanuele web1Emanuele Lago received his M.Sc. degree in Materials Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”. His master’s thesis, discussed in March 2015, concerned the employment of cvd-growth graphene in photovoltaics.

In November 2015, he joined Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia as Ph.D. fellow under the supervision of Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso.

His project involves the development of graphene-based inks for polymer-composite applications, exploiting the fields of flexible electronics, photonics and 3D printing.

Il Sole 24 Ore intervista Vittorio Pellegrini, direttore dei Graphene Labs

Il terzo numero di “Lezioni di Futuro”, la collana di Nòva 24, inserto del Sole 24 Ore si intitola “Materiali Intelligenti” ed è dedicato al grafene e ai nuovi materiali. Francesca Cerati intervista Vittorio Pellegrini, il direttore dei Graphene Labs.

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Jari Kinaret e Vittorio Pellegrini scrivono per Nova 24

Jari Kinaret, professore alla Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg e direttore della Graphene Flagship, e Vittorio Pellegrini, direttore dei Graphene Labs, scrivono per Nova 24.

“Quando nel 1884 Edwin Abbot scrisse “Flatlandia: Racconto fantastico a più dimensioni”, non avrebbe mai immaginato che molti anni dopo, nel 2004, gli scienziati avrebbero davvero lavorato “in due dimensioni” grazie a un materiale “estratto” dalla grafite. Il materiale è il grafene, un foglio di atomi di carbonio disposti a nido d’ape con uno spessore di un solo atomo. Niente di più semplice in natura. Con proprietà uniche: conduce elettricità e calore meglio di qualsiasi metallo, è flessibile e robusto meccanicamente, è trasparente e così leggero che pochi grammi sono sufficienti a coprire un intero campo di calcio.

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Il grafene entra nel mondo del design

Il grafene entra nel mondo del design. Il protagonista è Marco Cattaneo, amministratore delegato di Momo Design: "Le nuove generazioni sono migliore delle vecchie generazioni. Sono più preparate. Dobbiamo smuovere il posto fisso. Rita Levi Montalcini diceva: "Inventatevi un lavoro!". Dobbiamo riempire l'Italia di start-up. Non dobbiamo aspettare che qualcuno ci assuma. Si può sempre avere creatività per avere un lavoro nuovo".

International conference Graphene 2016 organized by Graphene Labs in Genova

Graphene” is the main relevant scientific conference dedicated to 2-d materials in the world and in 2016 was organized by Francesco Bonaccorso of Graphene Labs in Genova, Italy. The conference took place in April 19-22. The world's leading experts met to discuss the present and future of the world's thinnest material and its many applications. Among the many world-famous participants present at the conference, there was Mildred Dresselhaus, class 1930, Professor Emeritus at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) known as Queen of Carbon Science.

Inks and prototypes at Graphene 2015 Bilbao

Graphene Labs attended the international conference Graphene 2015 in Bilbao, March 10-13, by presenting their very first results, such as inks made of graphene and other 2d-materials, batteries and composite materials.

Graphene Labs a Nautilus (Rai Scuola)

Graphene Labs at Graphene 2014 Tolosa

The very first research results of new-born Graphene Labs were presented at the international conference on graphene “Graphene 2014” in Tolosa, France. An exhibition booth was prepared to show recent advancements in inks production.

Graphene Inks at Mobile World Congress 2016

Graphene Labs were at Mobile World Congress in Barcellona, with an exhibition booth where the IIT patented Graphene inks were showed to the public. During the event Vittorio Pellegrini held a lecture, after the prolusion of Nobel Laureate Kostantin Novoselov.