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  • 2017
    Principi A., Lundeberg M. B., Hesp N. C.H., Tielrooij K.-J., Koppens F., *Polini M.

    Super-Planckian Electron Cooling in a van der Waals Stack

    Physical Review Letters, vol. 118, pp. 126804, 0031-9007
  • 2017
    Kakavelakis G., *Del Rio Castillo A. E., *Pellegrini V., *Ansaldo A., Tzourmpakis P., *Brescia R., *Prato M., Stratakis E., Kymakis E., *Bonaccorso F.

    Size-Tuning of WSe2 Flakes for High Efficiency Inverted Organic Solar Cells

    ACS Nano, vol. 11, (no. 4), pp. 3517-3531, 1936-0851
  • 2017
    Zhu M. J., Kretinin A. V., Thompson M. D., Bandurin D. A., Hu S. S., Yu G. L., Birkbeck J., Mishchenko A., Vera-Marun I. J., Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., *Polini M., Prance J. R., Novoselov K., Geim A. K., Ben Shalom M.

    Edge currents shunt the insulating bulk in gapped graphene

    Nature Communications, vol. 8, pp. 14552, 2041-1723
  • 2017
    *Rostami H., Katsnelson M., *Polini M.

    Theory of plasmonic effects in nonlinear optics: The case of graphene

    Physical Review B, vol. 95, (no. 3), pp. 035416, 1098-0121
  • 2017
    *Sun H., Varzi A., *Pellegrini V., *Dinh D.A., Raccichini R., *Del Rio Castillo A. E., *Prato M., *Colombo M., *Cingolani R., *Scrosati B., Passerini S., *Bonaccorso F.

    How much does size really matter? Exploring the limits of graphene as Li ion battery anode material

    Solid State Communications, vol. 251, pp. 88–93, 0038-1098
  • 2017
    *Bellani S., *Najafi L., *Capasso A., *Del Rio Castillo A. E., *Antognazza M. R., *Bonaccorso F.

    Few-layer MoS2 flakes as hole-selective layer for solution-processed hybrid organic hydrogen-evolving photocathodes

    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 5, (no. 9), pp. 4384-4396, 2050-7488
  • 2017
    Pamuk B., Baima J., *Mauri F., Calandra M.

    Magnetic gap opening in rhombohedral-stacked multilayer graphene from first principles

    Physical Review B, vol. 95, (no. 7), pp. 075422, 1098-0121
  • 2017
    Agresti A., Pescetelli S., Palma A., *Del Rio Castillo A. E., Konios D., Kakavelakis G., Razza S., Cinà L., Kymakis E., *Bonaccorso F., Di Carlo A.

    Graphene interface engineering for perovskite solar modules: 12.6% power conversion efficiency over 50cm2 active area

    ACS energy letters, vol. 2, (no. 1), pp. 279-287
  • 2017
    Grass T., Chhajlany R. W., Tarruell L., *Pellegrini V., Lewenstein M.

    Proximity effects in cold atom artificial graphene

    2D Materials, vol. 4, pp. 015039, 2053-1583
  • 2017
    *Miseikis V., Bianco F., *David J., *Gemmi M., *Pellegrini V., Romagnoli M., *Coletti C.

    Deterministic patterned growth of high-mobility large-crystal graphene: a path towards wafer scale integration

    2D Materials, vol. 4, (no. 2), pp. 021004, 2053-1583
  • 2017
    Alonso-González P., Nikitin A.Y., Gao Y., Woessner A., Lundeberg M. B., Principi A., Forcellini N., Yan W., Velez S., Huber A. J., Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Hueso L. E., *Polini M., Hone J., Koppens F., Hillenbrand R.

    Acoustic THz graphene plasmons revealed by photocurrent nanoscopy

    Nature Nanotechnology, vol. 12, pp. 31-35, 1748-3387
  • 2016
    Barbarino G., Fugallo G., Melis C., *Mauri F., Colombo L.

    Predicting the thermal conductivity in a graphene nanoflake from its response to a thermal impulse

    Physical Review B, vol. 94, (no. 24), pp. 245437, 1098-0121
  • 2016
    Ciesielski A., Haar S., Aliprandi A., El Garah M., Tregnago G., Cotella G. F., El Gemayel M., Richard F., *Sun H., Cacialli F., *Bonaccorso F., Samorì P.

    Modifying the Size of Ultrasound-Induced Liquid-Phase Exfoliated Graphene: From Nanosheets to Nanodots

    ACS Nano, vol. 10, (no. 12), pp. 10768-10777, 1936-0851
  • 2016
    Shahroosvand H., *Najafi L., Sousarei A., Mohajerani E., Janghouri M., *Bonaccorso F.

    Ruthenium Tetrazole Based Electroluminescent Device: Key Role of Counter Ions for Light Emission Properties

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 120, (no. 43), pp. 24965–24972, 1932-7447
  • 2016
    Drieschener S., Weber M., Wohlketzetter J., Vieten J., Makrygiannis E., Blaschke B. M., Morandi V., Colombo L., *Bonaccorso F., Garrido J. A.

    High surface area graphene foams by chemical vapor deposition

    2D Materials, vol. 3, (no. 4), pp. 045013, 2053-1583
  • 2016
    Settembrini F. F., Colangelo F., Pitanti A., *Miseikis V., *Coletti C., Menichetti G., Colle R., Grosso G., Tredicucci A., Roddaro S.

    Anisotropic straining of graphene using micropatterned SiN membranes

    APL materials, vol. 4, (no. 11), pp. 116107, 2166-532X
  • 2016
    Scaparro A. M., *Miseikis V., *Coletti C., Notargiacomo A., Pea M., De Seta M., Di Gaspare L.

    Investigating the CVD Synthesis of Graphene on Ge (100): toward Layer-by-Layer Growth

    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 8, (no. 48), pp. 33083-33090
  • 2016
    *Lago E., *Toth P. S., *Pugliese G., *Pellegrini V., *Bonaccorso F.

    Solution blending preparation of polycarbonate/ graphene composite: boosting the mechanical and electrical properties

    RSC Advances, vol. 6, (no. 100), pp. 97931-97940, 2046-2069
  • 2016
    *Miscuglio M., *Spirito D., *Proietti Zaccaria R., *Krahne R.

    Shape Approaches for Enhancing Plasmon Propagation in Graphene

    ACS Photonics, vol. 3, (no. 11), pp. 2170-2175, 2330-4022
  • 2016
    Agresti A., Pescetelli S., Taheri B., *Del Rio Castillo A. E., Cinà L., *Bonaccorso F., Di Carlo A.

    Graphene–Perovskite Solar Cells Exceed 18% Efficiency: A Stability Study

    ChemSusChem, vol. 9, (no. 18), pp. 2609-2619, 1864-5631
  • 2016
    Wang S., Scarabelli D., Kuznetsova Y. Y., Wind S. J., Pinczuk A., *Pellegrini V., Manfra M. J., Gardner G. C., Pfeiffer L. N., West K.

    Observation of electron states of small period artificial graphene in nano-patterned GaAs quantum wells

    Applied Physics Letters, vol. 109, pp. 113101, 0003-6951
  • 2016
    *Gendron D., *Bubak G., *Ceseracciu L., *Ricciardella F., *Ansaldo A., *Ricci D.

    Significant strain and force improvements of single-walled carbon nanotube actuator: A metal chalcogenides approach

    Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, vol. 230, pp. 673–683, 0925-4005
  • 2016
    *Polini M., Vignale G.

    The quasiparticle lifetime in a doped graphene sheet

    No-nonsense Physicist, 978-88-7642-536-3
  • 2016
    Beconcini M., Valentini S., Krishna Kumar R., Auton G. H., Geim A. K., Ponomarenko L. A., *Polini M., Taddei F.

    Scaling approach to tight-binding transport in realistic graphene devices: the case of transverse magnetic focusing

    Physical Review B, vol. 94, (no. 11), pp. 115441, 1098-0121
  • 2016
    *Cataldi P., *Bonaccorso F., *Del Rio Castillo A. E., *Pellegrini V., Jiang Z., Liu L., *Boccardo N., *Canepa M., *Cingolani R., *Athanassiou A., *Bayer I. S.

    Cellulosic Graphene Biocomposites for Versatile High-Performance Flexible Electronic Applications

    Advanced Electronic Materials, vol. 2, (no. 11), pp. 1600245, ISSN: 2199-160X