Energy Day

On April 18th, IIT Graphene Lab together with Ticass Consortium promoted a Graphene Connect Event sponsored by the European Graphene Flagship. The event, titled “Energy Day” was a workshop aimed at bringing together different representatives from research, industry and academy field with public decision makers and end-users at large, in order to share information and discuss future road maps in the domain of Energy Storage. The Workshop was designed in order to produce a picture of the state of the art in R&D in energy-related domains, and prospective activities and market needs in the short to medium period.

Attendees were more than 50 people, coming from many European countries and with very different background. The first event session was chaired by Prof. Vittorio Pellegrini, coordinator of IIT Graphene Labs, who welcomed the audience jointly with Prof. Gustavo Capannelli (TICASS), and received contributions from Dr. Christoph Stangl (Varta Micro Innovation), key speaker, Prof. Teofilo Rojo (CIC Energigune), Dr. Maarten Mees (IMEC), Dr. Paolo Bondavalli (Thales), Dr. Julia Amici (Politecnico di Torino), Dr. Paolo Barabucci (ERG Spa) e Dr. Roberto Pezzoli (Piaggio Aerospace Spa). Presentations focused on technologies that will be available soon to market as well as on the needs of big industrial energy players.


In the afternoon, after a group discussion, Dr. Kari Hjelt Head of the Innovation Package of the Flagship gave a presentation about the Core1 results in terms of innovation and products graphene based.


“Energy Day” is the first event of a series that the GF Business Developers, part of the Innovation Team, will promote in the next years

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