Antonio Politano

Post Doc


PhD in Physics in December 2008.


- Habilitation as Full professor in the scientific sectors 02/B1- Experimental Physics of Matter and 03/B2- Chemical basis of technology applications, awarded by Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR);

- Habilitation as Associate professor in the scientific sectors 02/B1- Experimental Physics of Matter, 03/A2- Models and methods for Chemistry (Physical Chemistry), 03/B1- Principles of Chemistry and Inorganic Systems and 03/B2- Chemical basis of technology applications, awarded by Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR).


iit Publications

2018 Determination of the mechanical properties of SnSe, a novel layered semiconductor
2018 Insight on Thermally Activated Hydrocarbon Dehydrogenation on the Pt3Ni(111) Surface: From Adsorbed Hydrocarbons Up to Graphene Formation
2018 Multiple acoustic surface plasmons in graphene/Cu(111) contacts
2018 Tailoring the surface chemical reactivity of transition-metal dichalcogenide PtTe2 crystals
2017 Anomalous lattice vibrations in self-nanostructured graphene on Ru(0001)
2017 Black phosphorus nanodevices at terahertz frequencies: Photodetectors and future challenges
2017 Cutting a Gordian Knot: Dispersion of plasmonic modes in Bi2Se3 topological insulator
2017 Dispersion and damping of the interband π plasmon in graphene grown on Cu(111) foils
2017 Effect of moiré superlattice reconstruction in the electronic excitation spectrum of graphene-metal heterostructures
2017 Evaluation of the free-vibration frequency and the variation of the bending rigidity of graphene nanoplates: The role of the shape geometry and boundary conditions
2017 Graphene on Pt3Ni(1 1 1): A suitable platform for tunable charge doping, electron–phonon coupling and plasmonic excitations
2017 Indium selenide: An insight into electronic band structure and surface excitations
2017 Near-Field microscopy with phase sensitive coherent detection employing quantum cascade lasers
2017 Near-field terahertz probes with room-temperature nanodetectors for subwavelength resolution imaging
2017 Optoelectronic devices, plasmonics, and photonics with topological insulators
2017 Photothermal Membrane Distillation for Seawater Desalination
2017 Plasmon spectroscopy of graphene and other two-dimensional materials with transmission electron microscopy
2017 Resistivity of Weyl semimetals NbP and TaP under pressure
2017 Reverse electrodialysis powered greenhouse concept for water- and energy-self-sufficient agriculture
2017 Site-dependent lattice dynamics in periodically rippled graphene on Ru(0001)
2017 Spectroscopic Investigations of Phonons in Epitaxial Graphene
2017 The advent of graphene and other two-dimensional materials in membrane science and technology
2017 The advent of indium selenide: Synthesis, electronic properties, ambient stability and applications
2017 Thermoplasmonic membrane distillation
2017 The role of surface chemical reactivity in the stability of electronic nanodevices based on two-dimensional materials “beyond graphene” and topological insulators
2016 Absorption edges of black phosphorus: A comparative analysis
2016 Black phosphorus and hybrid van der wall heterostructured terahertz photodetectors
2016 Efficient Terahertz detection in black-phosphorus nano-transistors with selective and controllable plasma-wave, bolometric and thermoelectric response
2016 Heterostructured hBN-BP-hBN Nanodetectors at Terahertz Frequencies
2016 Indentation fracture toughness of single-crystal Bi2Te3topological insulators
2016 Insight on a novel layered semiconductors: CuTlS and CuTlSe
2016 Interband plasmons in supported graphene on metal substrates: Theory and experiments
2016 Manipulating the Topological Interface by Molecular Adsorbates: Adsorption of Co-Phthalocyanine on Bi2Se3
2016 Mechanical properties of Bi2Te3 topological insulator investigated by density functional theory and nanoindentation
2016 Nanoindentation of single-crystal Bi2Te3 topological insulators grown with the Bridgman–Stockbarger method
2016 Plasma-Wave Terahertz Detection Mediated by Topological Insulators Surface States
2016 Quasi-freestanding graphene on Ni(110): A graphene/metal contact with suppressed interface states
2016 Self-Assembly of Graphene Nanoblisters Sealed to a Bare Metal Surface
2016 The influence of chemical reactivity of surface defects on ambient-stable InSe-based nanodevices
2016 Unusually strong lateral interaction in the CO overlayer in phosphorene-based systems
2016 Unveiling the Mechanisms Leading to H2 Production Promoted by Water Decomposition on Epitaxial Graphene at Room Temperature
2016 Unveiling the Oxidation Processes of Pt3Ni(1 1 1) by Real-Time Surface Core-Level Spectroscopy
2016 When plasmonics meets membrane technology
2015 Black Phosphorus Terahertz Photodetectors
2015 Emergence of an Out-of-Plane Optical Phonon (ZO) Kohn Anomaly in Quasifreestanding Epitaxial Graphene
2015 Ice formation on clean and alkali-doped quasi-freestanding graphene: A vibrational investigation
2015 Interplay of surface and Dirac plasmons in topological insulators: The case of Bi2Se3
2015 Probing growth dynamics of graphene/Ru(0001) and the effects of air exposure by means of helium atom scattering
2015 Probing the Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio in graphene/metal interfaces and graphite: a comparative study
2015 Quasiparticle spectrum and plasmonic excitations in the topological insulator Sb2Te3
2015 STEM and EELS investigation on black phosphorus at atomic resolution
2015 Substrate-dependent plasmonic properties of supported graphene
2015 Symmetries and selection rules in the measurement of the phonon spectrum of graphene and related materials
2015 The influence of electron confinement, quantum size effects, and film morphology on the dispersion and the damping of plasmonic modes in Ag and Au thin films
2015 Toward a novel theoretical approach for determining the nature of electronic excitations in quasi-two-dimensional systems
2014 A helium atom scattering study of well-ordered TCNQ adlayers on Cu(100)
2014 Emergence of a nonlinear plasmon in the electronic response of doped graphene
2014 Exploring the surface chemical reactivity of single crystals of binary and ternary bismuth chalcogenides
2014 Plasmon modes in graphene: Status and prospect
2014 Substrate-dependent plasmonic properties of supported graphene
2014 Tailoring the physical properties of nanocomposite films by the insertion of graphene and other nanoparticles
2014 The formation of HOCO in the coadsorption of water and carbon monoxide on Pt3Ni(111)
2013 Alkali-induced hydrogenation of epitaxial graphene by water splitting at 100 K
2013 Collective Electronic Excitations in Thin Ag Films on Ni(111)
2013 Dispersion and damping of plasmonic excitations in metal/metal interfaces
2013 Evidence of composite plasmon-phonon modes in the electronic response of epitaxial graphene
2013 Evidence of confinement of the π plasmon in periodically rippled graphene on Ru(0001)
2013 Interplay between single-particle and plasmonic excitations in the electronic response of thin Ag films
2013 Low-Energy Collective Electronic Mode at a Noble Metal Interface
2013 On the intercalation of CO molecules in ultra-high vacuum conditions underneath graphene epitaxially grown on metal substrates
2013 Periodically rippled graphene on Ru(0 0 0 1): A template for site-selective adsorption of hydrogen dimers via water splitting and hydrogen-spillover at room temperature
2013 Quenching of plasmons modes in air-exposed graphene-Ru contacts for plasmonic devices
2013 Segregation and selective oxidation of ni atoms in Pt3Ni(111) in a low-pressure oxygen environment
2013 Spectroscopic characterization of graphene films grown on Pt(111) surface by chemical vapor deposition of ethylene
2013 The nature of free O-H stretching in water adsorbed on carbon nanosystems
2013 Unravelling suitable graphene-metal contacts for graphene-based plasmonic devices
2013 Vibrational spectroscopy and theory of alkali metal adsorption and co-adsorption on single-crystal surfaces
2012 Effects of a humid environment on the sheet plasmon resonance in epitaxial graphene
2012 Elastic properties of a macroscopic graphene sample from phonon dispersion measurements
2012 Evidence of Kohn anomalies in quasi-freestanding graphene on Pt(1 1 1)
2012 Helium, neon and argon diffraction from Ru(0001)
2012 Influence of Structural and Electronic Properties on the Collective Excitations of Ag/Cu(111)
2012 Interplay of structural and temperature effects on plasmonic excitations at noble-metal interfaces
2012 Phonon dispersion of quasi-freestanding graphene on Pt(111)
2012 Quadratic Dispersion and Damping Processes of π Plasmon in Monolayer Graphene on Pt(111)
2011 Carbon monoxide interaction with oxygenated nickel single-crystal surfaces studied by vibrational spectroscopy
2011 Evidence for acoustic-like plasmons on epitaxial graphene on Pt(111)
2011 Helium reflectivity and Debye temperature of graphene grown epitaxially on Ru(0001)
2011 Hydrogen bonding at the water/quasi-freestanding graphene interface
2011 Plasmon dispersion and damping in two-dimensional electron gases on metal substrates
2011 The adsorption and co-adsorption of oxygen and carbon monoxide on Pt 3Ni(111): A vibrational study
2011 The excitation of plasmon modes at a mismatched silver/copper interface
2011 Vibrational investigation of catalyst surfaces: Change of the adsorption site of CO molecules upon coadsorption
2011 Water adsorption on graphenePt(111) at room temperature: A vibrational investigation
2010 Alkali-promoted stabilization of subsurface oxygen on Cu(1 1 1)
2010 CO-promoted formation of the alkali-oxygen bond on Ni(111)
2010 Electronic and geometric corrugation of periodically rippled, self-nanostructured graphene epitaxially grown on Ru(0001)
2010 Electronic properties of calcium ultrathin layers on Cu(111): A high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy study
2010 Enhancement of hydrolysis in alkali ultrathin layers on metal substrates in the presence of electron confinement
2010 Low-energy bulk plasmon of nickel
2010 O2 dissociation in Na-modified gold ultrathin layer on Cu(111)
2010 Plasmonic modes confined in nanoscale thin silver films deposited onto metallic substrates
2010 Sputtering-induced modification of the electronic properties of Ag/Cu(1 1 1)
2009 Annealing effects on the plasmonic excitations of metal/metal interfaces
2009 Chemical reactions at clean and alkali-doped mismatched metal/metal interfaces
2009 Collective electronic excitations in systems exhibiting quantum well states
2009 COllective electronic excitations in systems exhibiting quantum well states
2009 Collective excitations in nanoscale thin alkali films: Na/Cu(111)
2009 Comparative vibrational study on alkali coadsorption with CO and O on Ni(111) and Cu(111)
2009 Damping of the surface plasmon in clean and K-modified Ag thin films
2009 Dispersion and damping of surface plasmon in Ag thin films grown on Cu(111) and Ni(111)
2009 Effects of O adsorption on the Na + CO / Ni (111) system
2009 Electronic properties of gold thin films studied by electron energy loss spectroscopy
2009 Electronic properties of metallic bilayers deposited on Cu(1 1 1): A comparative study
2009 Interference effects in the excitation of collective electronic modes in nanoscale thin Ag films
2009 Probing collective electronic excitations in as-deposited and modified Ag thin films grown on Cu(111)
2009 Tuning the lifetime of the surface plasmon upon sputtering
2008 Alkali adsorption on Ni(1 1 1) and their coadsorption with CO and O
2008 Alkali-promoted CO dissociation on Cu(111) and Ni(111) at room temperature
2008 Dispersion and damping of gold surface plasmon
2008 Electronic properties of (3/2 × 3/2)-Na/Cu(1 1 1)
2008 Evidences of alkali-induced softening of the oxygen-substrate bond
2008 Mechanisms leading to alkali oxidation on metal surfaces
2008 Nature of the alkali surface bond at low coverages investigated by vibrational measurements
2008 Purely quadratic dispersion of surface plasmon in Ag/Ni(111): The influence of electron confinement
2008 Short-range interactions in Na coadsorption with CO and O on Ni(111)
2008 Temperature effects on alkali-promoted CO dissociation on Ni(1 1 1)
2008 Vibrational measurements of Na/Ni(111) and (Na + CO)/Ni(111)
2007 Electronic properties of self-assembled quantum dots of sodium on Cu(1 1 1) and their interaction with water
2007 High resolution electron energy loss measurements of NaCu (111) and H2 ONaCu (111): Dependence of water reactivity as a function of Na coverage
2007 Influence of CO adsorption on the alkali-substrate bond studied by high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy
2006 Plasmon of Shockley surface states in Cu(111): A high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy study



- NEST Prize for Nanoscience (2017) for young researchers under 35 years;

- Alfredo di Braccio award of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (2011) for young researchers in Physics under 35 years;

- Carlo Castagnoli award of Società Italiana di Fisica (2010) for the scientific production of young researchers in Physics.