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Beatriz Martín-García received her M. Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering in February 2008 from the University of Salamanca (Spain). Then, she began her research training at the Physical Chemistry Department receiving her Ph.D. degree in May 2013 from the same University, carrying out a research fellowship stay at the Molecular Photochemistry Group at the Instituto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon (Portugal). She joined to the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in March 2014 after a postdoctoral research contract at the University of Salamanca in the framework of a collaborative University-Company Project. During her research career she has worked in the synthesis, preparation and physicochemical characterization of different nanomaterials at interfaces such as polymers, quantum dots and graphene-based nanomaterials.

At the IIT-Graphene Labs she is involved in the development of solution-processable strategies based on colloidal quantum dots-graphene hybrid materials for opto-electronic and photovoltaic applications. Her research is focused on the nanocomposites preparation and study of their properties, using absorption and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and charge transport measurements, since the understanding of their opto-electronic and transport properties is paramount to achieve improvements for the development of devices.

iit Publications

2017 Graphene-Based Hole-Selective Layers for High-Efficiency, Solution-Processed, Large-Area, Flexible, Hydrogen-Evolving Organic Photocathodes
2017 Near-Infrared Emitting Colloidal PbS Nanoplatelets: Lateral Size Control and Optical Spectroscopy
2017 Solution-Processed Hybrid Graphene Flake/2H-MoS2 Quantum Dot Heterostructures for Efficient Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
2017 Synthesis of Air-Stable CdSe/ZnS Core-Shell Nanoplatelets with Tunable Emission Wavelength
2016 Mechanically flexible and optically transparent three-dimensional nanofibrous amorphous aerocellulose
2016 Revisiting the Anion Framework Conservation in Cation Exchange Processes
2015 Efficient charge transfer in solution-processed PbS quantum dot-reduced graphene oxide hybrid materials
2015 Graphene-based technologies for energy applications, challenges and perspectives
2014 Nanoparticle self-assembly assisted by polymers: The role of shear stress in the nanoparticle arrangement of langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films
2013 Block copolymer assisted self-assembly of nanoparticles into Langmuir-Blodgett films: Effect of polymer concentration
2013 Photoluminescence dynamics of CdSe QD/Polymer langmuir-blodgett thin films: Morphology effects
2013 QDs supported on Langmuir-Blodgett films of polymers and Gemini surfactant
2012 Functionalization of reduced graphite oxide sheets with a zwitterionic surfactant
2010 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of a maleic anhydride derivative: Effect of subphase divalent cations


Extraordinary Master Degree Award (Minor Thesis) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Salamanca (Spain)