Emanuele Lago

PhD Fellow

Research Lines

Graphene Labs

IIT Publications

  • 2018
  • Lancellotti L., Bobeico E., Castaldo A., Delli Veneri P., Lago E.iit, Lisi N.

    Effects of different graphene dopants on double antireflection coatings/graphene/n-silicon heterojunction solar cells

    Thin Solid Films, vol. 646, pp. 21-27
  • 2016
  • Lancellotti L., Bobeico E., Capasso A.iit, Lago E., Delli Veneri P., Leoni E., Buonocore F., Lisi N.

    Combined effect of double antireflection coating and reversible molecular doping on performance of few-layer graphene/n-silicon Schottky barrier solar cells

    Solar Energy, vol. 127, pp. 198-205
  • Lago E.iit, Toth P.S.iit, Pugliese G.iit, Pellegrini V.iit, Bonaccorso F.iit

    Solution blending preparation of polycarbonate/graphene composite: Boosting the mechanical and electrical properties

    RSC Advances, vol. 6, (no. 100), pp. 97931-97940