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Selected Publications

2017 Band-edge Oscillator Strength of Colloidal CdSe/CdS Dot-in-Rods: Comparison of Absorption and Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy

*Angeloni I., *Raja W., *Polovitsyn A., *De Donato F., *Proietti Zaccaria R., *Moreels I.

Nanoscale, vol. 9, (no. 14), pp. 4730-4738, 2040-3364

IIT Publications

  • 2017
  • Angeloni I.iit, Raja W.iit, Polovitsyn A.iit, De Donato F.iit, Zaccaria R.P.iit, Moreels I.iit

    Band-edge oscillator strength of colloidal CdSe/CdS dot-in-rods: Comparison of absorption and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy

    Nanoscale, vol. 9, (no. 14), pp. 4730-4738
  • Khan A.H.iit, Brescia R.iit, Polovitsyn A.iit, Angeloni I.iit, Martin-Garcia B.iit, Moreels I.iit

    Near-Infrared Emitting Colloidal PbS Nanoplatelets: Lateral Size Control and Optical Spectroscopy

    Chemistry of Materials, vol. 29, (no. 7), pp. 2883-2889
  • 2016
  • Di Stasio F.iit, Polovitsyn A.iit, Angeloni I.iit, Moreels I.iit, Krahne R.iit

    Broadband Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Random Lasing from Wurtzite CdSe/CdS "giant-Shell" Nanocrystals

    ACS Photonics, vol. 3, (no. 11), pp. 2083-2088
  • Angeloni I.iit, Raja W.iit, Brescia R.iit, Polovitsyn A.iit, De Donato F.iit, Canepa M., Bertoni G.iit, Proietti Zaccaria R.iit, Moreels I.iit

    Disentangling the Role of Shape, Ligands, and Dielectric Constants in the Absorption Properties of Colloidal CdSe/CdS Nanocrystals

    ACS Photonics, vol. 3, (no. 1), pp. 58-67
  • 2015
  • Barthel M.J.iit, Angeloni I.iit, Petrelli A.iit, Avellini T.iit, Scarpellini A.iit, Bertoni G.iit, Armirotti A.iit, Moreels I.iit, Pellegrino T.iit

    Synthesis of Highly Fluorescent Copper Clusters Using Living Polymer Chains as Combined Reducing Agents and Ligands

    ACS Nano, vol. 9, (no. 12), pp. 11886-11897