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2017 An extensive study of the Mg–Fe–H material obtained by reactive ball milling of MgH2 and Fe in a molar ratio 3:1
2017 Failure mechanism of NaAlH4 negative electrodes in lithium cells
2017 Hydrides as High Capacity Anodes in Lithium Cells: An Italian “Futuro in Ricerca di Base FIRB-2010” Project
2017 NaAlH4 nanoconfinement in a mesoporous carbon for application in lithium ion batteries
2016 Investigation of the effects of mechanochemical treatment on NaAlH4 based anode materials for Li-ion batteries
2016 Lightweight borohydrides electro-activity in lithium cells
2015 Electrochemical activity of lightweight borohydrides in lithium cells
2015 H2 thermal desorption and hydride conversion reactions in Li cells of TiH2/C amorphous nanocomposites
2015 Lithium Alanates as Negative Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries
2015 Reactivity of Sodium Alanates in Lithium Batteries
2012 Histone deacetylase inhibitors: Structure-based modeling and isoform-selectivity prediction