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Lorenzo Carbone gained his PhD in mathematical Models for Engineering, Electromagnetics and nanoscience at La Sapienza University of Rome. He has been graduated at the same university in chemical Engineering dealing with material science, electrochemistry and energy storage. He as visiting researcher at Volkswagen AG Germany) and Hunter College of CUNY, New York City (USA). He is author of 14 papers focusing on new generation of lithium sulfur and lithium ion batteries for energy storage.


Energy Storage Devices - Lithium Batteries



Selected Publications

2015 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces_Comparative Study of Ether-Based Electrolytes for Application in Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Lorenzo Carbone, Mallory Gobet, Jing Peng, Matthew Devany, Bruno Scrosati, Steve Greenbaum, and Jusef Hassoun



2015 - Journal of Power Sources_Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether (PEGDME)-based electrolyte for lithium metal battery

Lorenzo Carbone, Mallory Gobet, Jing Peng, Matthew Devany, Bruno Scrosati, Steve Greenbaum, Jusef Hassoun



2016New Journal of Chemistry_Insight on the Li2S electrochemical process in a composite configuration electrode

Lorenzo Carbone, Roberta Verrelli, Mallory Gobet, Jing Peng, Matthew Devany, Bruno Scrosati, Steve Greenbaum and Jusef Hassoun



2016 -  Journal of Power Sources_Rechargeable lithium battery using non-flammable electrolyte based on tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether and olivine cathodes

Daniele Di Lecce, Lorenzo Carbone, Vincenzo Gancitano, Jusef Hassoun



2017 -  Electrochimica Acta_Characteristics of glyme electrolytes for sodium battery: nuclear magnetic resonance and electrochemical study

Lorenzo Carbone, Steve Munoz, Mallory Gobet, Mattew Devany, Steve G. Greenbaum, Jusef Hassoun



2017 - Sustainable Energy & Fuels_Lithium sulfur and lithium oxygen batteries: new frontiers of sustainable energy storage

Lorenzo Carbone, Steve G. Greenbaum, Jusef Hassoun



2018 - Journal of Power Sources_A simple approach for making a viable, safe, and high-performances lithium-sulfur battery

Lorenzo Carbone, Coneglian, T., Mallory Gobet, Stephen Munoz, Matthew Devany, Steve G. Greenbaum, Jusef Hassoun