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2017 Low-Temperature Magnetic Force Microscopy on Single Molecule Magnet-Based Microarrays
2017 Self-Assembled Molecular Nanowires for High-Performance Organic Transistors
2017 Volatile Organic Compounds sensing properties of TbPc2 thin films: Towards a plasmon-enhanced opto-chemical sensor
2016 Increased luminescence efficiency by synergistic exploitation of lipo/hydrophilic co-solvency and supramolecular design
2016 Molecular Order in Buried Layers of TbPc2Single-Molecule Magnets Detected by Torque Magnetometry
2015 Thin film properties of tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) with novel templating effects
2014 Giant magnetoresistance in a molecular thin film as an intrinsic property
2014 High-temperature antiferromagnetism in molecular semiconductor thin films and nanostructures
2013 Temperature- and light-induced spin crossover observed by X-ray spectroscopy on isolated Fe(II) complexes on gold
2012 Emission color trajectory and white electroluminescence through supramolecular control of energy transfer and exciplex formation in binary blends of conjugated polyrotaxanes
2012 Spin crossover materials evaporated under clean high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum conditions: From thin films to single molecules