Sanjay Thorat

Post Doc
Postdoctoral researcher

Former colleague


Graphene labs, IIT, Via Morego, 30


Sanjay Thorat did his Master's Degree in Industrial Chemistry in 2005, from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. After Masters he has worked as project assistant in National Chemical laboratory, Pune  durring year 2005-2007 in the field of catalysis. In Septmber 2007 he has moved to Dow Chemicals R&D center and worked for more than 2 year in the field of hetrogeneous catalysis. In January 2010 he has joined Korean Institute of Energy research, Korea as a researcher and worked on CO2 capture process. He has earned his PhD degree in Nanosciences at University of Genova and the Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy in 2014. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Trento, Italy. In May 2016, he has joined IIT as postdoctoral researcher. His current research deals with graphene based polymer and ceramic composites.


Selected Publications


1. US Patent 20,150,250,686. Combined Material Including Anodic Porous Alumina and a Polymer Matrix, and Its Use for the Dental Recondition. Salerno, M., Thorat, S., Diaspro, A. 

2. Italian patent filed: MI2012A001634. Composite material comprising anodic porous alumina and polymer matrix and use for dental restoration. Salerno M., Thorat S., Diaspro A.

3. Korean patent: KR20120055802(A). Composition for absorbing carbon dioxide comprising aqueous ammonia and amine-based additive and method of using the same. By Jung T-S., Kim J-N., Park S-Y., Ko C-H., Park J-H., Beum H-T., Thorat S., An Y-Y.


1. Salerno M., Żukowska A., Thorat S., Ruffilli R., Stasiak M., Molenda M. High resolution imaging of native wheat and potato starch granules based on local mechanical contrast. Journal of Food Engineering, 2014; 128, 96-102
2. Thorat S., Diaspro A., Salerno M. In-vitro investigation of coupling agent free dental restorative composite based on nano porous alumina fillers. Accepted to Journal of Dentistry.
3. Thorat S., Diaspro A., Scarpellini A., Povia M., Salerno M. Comparative study of loading of anodic porous alumina with silver nanoparticles using different methods. Materials 2013; 6:206-216.
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6. Thorat S., Patra N., Rufilli R., Diaspro A., Salerno M. Preparation and characterization of a BisGMA-resin dental restorative composites with glass, silica and titania fillers. Dental Materials Journal 2012; 31:635-644.
7. Das G., Patra N., Gopalakrishnan A., Proietti Zaccaria R., Toma A., Thorat S., Di Fabrizio E., Diaspro A., Salerno M. Fabrication of large-area ordered and reproducible nanostructures for SERS biosensor application. Analyst 2012; 137:1785-1792.
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