Enabling Science

Plasmonics and non-linear optics of novel 2D materials (Polini):

theoretical investigations of the plasmonic and non-linear optical properties of novel 2D materials, with particular attention to twisted van der Waals heterostructures and magnetic materials. The target is to provide theoretical guidance towards the realization of i) novel Terahertz photodetectors based on plasmons and phonon polaritons and ii) compact integrated photonic devices exploiting the strong nonlinear optical response of layered materials. Collaboration with WP3 and WP8.



Density functional theory-based modeling of magnetic 2D materials and of TMD/rocksalt heterostructures (Calandra):

studying the electronic, structural and magnetic properties of magnetic 2D crystals (e.g., CrBr3 CrBr3, CrI3) and how these features will be modified under field-effect of doping or strain. Investigation of the crucial role of non-perturbative anharmonicity on the structural and charge density wave deformation of 2D materials (mainly TMDs). Also, heterostructures such as NbSe2/LaSe that are extremely promising for achieving ultrahigh doping of NbSe2 monolayer and optimal control of Ising superconductivity and charge density wave instabilities. Collaboration with WP3.



Stability, structural characterization and physical properties of multilayer graphene with rhombohedral stacking (Mauri, Calandra, Coletti):

properties and applications of ABC-stacked graphene multilayers hosting superconductivity and magnetic ordering. Collaboration with WP3.