Camilla Coletti

Scalable synthesis of high-mobility graphene on insulators:

at present graphene with high carrier mobilities (those needed for most optoelectronic, photonics, spintronics and sensing applications) is synthesized on metals. This require a transfer step to a target substrate which causes graphene deterioration. Moreover, metal contaminations are not compatible with CMOS integration flow and is problematic for back-end-of-line (BEOL) integration. Following recent promising results demonstrated by IIT, growth on insulators of high-mobility graphene will be targeted over wafer-scale. Collaboration with WP8, WP10, WP15

Synthetize and explore novel vdWh heterostacks with specific azimuthal orientations

Synthetize and explore novel vdWh heterostacks with specific azimuthal orientations:

hetero- and homostacks of graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) with slightly different rotation angles (yielding long-period moiré superpotentials) will be synthesized and/or realized via deterministic transfer. Structural, electronic and optical properties will be studied. IN particular, investigations of superconductivity and anomalous electronic properties will be carried out. Collaboration with WP1, WP8, WP10, WP12

Synthesis and stabilization of monolayer ditellurides

Synthesis and stabilization of monolayer ditellurides:

these materials are currently under the spot-light as they are expected to turn from Weyl insulators (in bulk form) to 2D topological insulators (TI) (at the monolayer limit) and are therefore an appealing platform for realizing the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect. The synthesis of monolayer ditellurides is not trivial and has been for the most elusive. Demonstration of a growth approach for their synthesis and encapsulation (as their air stability is extremely limited) will be instrumental to study the intrinsic nontrivial band structure and investigate predicted room temperature superconductivity. Collaboration with WP1, WP10.