Industrial projects

Spearhead Project METROGRAPH:

By the end of this project it will be demonstrated a TRL6 “wavelength agnostic” 200G coherent optical transceiver based on graphene photonic chips and operating in C band (1530–1565nm) which is impossible for other technologies. The advantages of graphene are: reduced footprint, reduced energy consumption, high speed and ease of integration with existing platform in the back end of line (appealing for industries). Partnering companies: NOKIA, IMEC, Finisair. link

Production Project I-Cable:

Coating Low Voltage (LV) copper (Cu) wires with graphene via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) significantly increases the electrical conductivity of the cables. Such increase allows for a reduction in wire diameter and thus lowers the amount of Cu required, meaning savings in the wire production costs. The goal of this project is to develop a CVD commercial system for the in-line industrial coating of Cu wires with increased electrical conductivity. Partnering companies: AIXTRON, Baldassari Cavi. This project in embedded on WP15 activities.