Graphene and related materials are expected to revolutionise the fields in which they are applied, and they have the potential to become the materials of the 21st century. In 2015 the Graphene Flagship roadmap identified eleven science and technology themes: fundamental science, health and environment, production, electronic devices, spintronics, photonics and optoelectronics, sensors, flexible electronics, energy conversion and storage, composite materials, and biomedical devices.

In this context Graphene Labs are committed to conduct research projects with a technology transfer perspective, in order to foster industrial innovation at national and international level.

In particular, we signed several research agreement with many companies for finding useful applications in different sectors ranging from photovoltaics and illumination to body protection, low-voltage copper cables, carbon fibers and composites. We also closely collaborate with SMEs to develop and test new solutions for the market. In general, we aim at being a shared facility for the Italian manufacturing firms interested in incorporating graphene and other two-dimensional crystals into existing composites and products.

After 3 years of activity we succeeded in realizing new products and prototypes, such as a graphene motorbike helmet (in collaboration with Momodesign), sole shoes with graphene (in collaboration with Fadel), high quality graphene and other 2-dimensional material’s inks and powder, conductive paper and tissue, 3d printed wires.


Inks - Graphene labs is able to produce high quality graphene inks, that is a liquid solution containing nano graphene flakes (few grams per liter) that may be used with printing techniques or as additive in composites.

Conductive paper and tissue

Conductive paper and tissue: graphene inks are used in fabrics, such as paper and tissue, for obtaining conductive properties.

Printable electronics

Printable electronics: printed circuits with graphene are flexible and light, and may be used for wearable electronic devices

3D-printed plastic wires

3D-printed plastic wires: adding graphene to polymers allows to realize 3-d printed conductive materials, such as wires

Momo Design

Graphene Helmet in collaboration with MomoDesign - Graphene coating onto the exterior shell allows better distribution of impact force, making the helmet less susceptible to damage compared to helmets without graphene, even in high temperature conditions.


Graphene Shoes in collaboration with Fadel – Adding graphene in the production of shoes soles improve their flexibility, softness, lightness and strength, combined with excellent thermoregulation properties.


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